We did it!

Phase one is done. We raised the needed $5,000, it was matched for a total of $10,000 leaving us at just over half way to our end goal: modified to $18-20,000 for the purposes of constructing a well in rural Mali with our friends at Empower Mali. A bit about them: With Yeah and his wife Marissa on the ground in Mali, the US-based NGO is carrying out amazing infrastructural, economic, educational and even medical projects as often as they are able with the help of partners and donors who provide needed funds. A key element of success that EM employs is local buy-in. They only build or work where there is a will and a desire to empower and be empowered. For example, a village would need to request the desired aid for purposes they  themselves line out according to their own community needs, and then they must provide a portion of the funds, the land, the labor, etc, in order for EM to step in. The result is long lasting growth of communities. We are so excited for the opportunity to help them in their work.

See more at https://empowermali.org/

We have also used a portion of these funds to help our friends at the Pocatello Free Clinic. A bit about them: the longest running free clinic I think this side of the Mississippi, which has been serving vulnerable populations of southeast Idaho since the 70s. Current leadership is stellar. Medical Director Dr Georgia Milan, MD and Program Development Director Monica Mispireta, MD, PhD as well as Board President Sherrie Joesph are expanding services all the time, growing their ability to serve the underserved in our local community. We had the pleasure of funding a number of formal training clinics wherein the regular free clinic providers were instructed in point of care ultrasound, or POCUS. Long story short, with POCUS ready skills, they are better able to diagnose and treat their patients, and preserve hard-won funds used to maintain the medical clinic.






See more at https://pocatellofreeclinic.com/leadership/


Phase two fundraising is underway and includes sitting down with as many local organizations as we can to create a broad collaborative effort.

If you would like to help with this phase, please let us know. We can have you make calls, schedule appointments, do research on various organizations in your areas, and liase for us and your own relevant contacts. Reach out to us on facebook if you would like to help!

Thank you so much to all who donated, we hope to have Mali specific updates for you very soon.

Special thanks to Dr Brian Sanders, and Larissa call, for your generous donations. Our matching donor expressed early on the desire to remain anonymous, but they of course have our gratitude as well.